MobileC powered Robotics for IoT, Autonomous Robots, and Swarm Robots 2019-3-31  

MobileC for Raspberry Pi and ARM based Computers 2017-3-22  

  • MobileC has been ported to Raspberry Pi and ARM based Computers. It is bundled in C-STEMbian.

MobileC hosted in public git repository 2015-11-14  

  • MobileC is now hosted in public git repository

MobileC v2.1.5 Released 2014-8-12  

  • Converted build system to use CMake
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Added function mc_AgentDataShareRetrieve()

MobileC v2.1.4 Released 2011-6-17  

  • Modified internal linked list structure to be simpler, more responsive, and more stable.
  • Fixed some bugs related to deletion of agents
  • Added Mobile-C queue locking functions. These functions may be used to ensure that agents residing in a queue remain there as long as the queue is locked.
  • Added a convenience function called MC_AgentProcessingBegin() and MC_AgentProcessingEnd(), which should be called before and after user-space agent processing functions.

MobileC v2.1.3 Released 2011-4-20  

  • Added missing makefile for Windows
  • Fixed some Windows syntax errors
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed some segfaults related to buffer initialization, message structure initialization.

MobileC v2.1.2 Released 2011-2-16  

  • Fixed some include files and preprocessor logic that caused a syntax error in Windows
  • MC_DeleteAgent now flushes an agent from the agency after terminating it.
  • Added API functions to allow agents to carry files with them as they migrate. The new API functions are MC_AgentAttachFile(), MC_AgentListFiles(), MC_AgentRetrieveFile(), and their "mc_" counterparts.

MobileC v2.1.1 Released 2011-2-4  

  • Fixed a preprocessing bug that caused a syntax error on Linux systems w/out the readline library
  • Modified the MC_Initialize() function to detect uninitialized MC_options
  • Fixed several bugs w/ the Windows Bluetooth operation of Mobile-C
  • Updated the persistent agent demo

MobileC v2.1.0 Released 2011-1-4  

  • Modified persistent agents so that the agent thread does not terminate if the agent is persistent. This allows thread specific resources to be maintained, which is especially uselful in some Win32 applications.

MobileC v2.0.7 Released 2010-12-28  

  • Added API function MC_AddAgentInitCallback()
  • Fixed numerous compiler warnings

MobileC v2.0.6 Released 2010-12-22  

  • Fixed numerous memory leaks related to the Mobile-C data structures
  • Fixed bugs in MC_End() including:
    • MC_End() now deallocates the Ch interpreters properly
    • MC_End() now closes the listening socket properly
  • Fixed bind() errors.

MobileC v2.0.5 Released 2010-12-09  

  • Fixed some bugs related to the Mobile-C command line
  • Updated some old demo code that was still using deprecated functions
  • Added experimental testing script to automatically test demos

MobileC v2.0.4 Released 2010-12-01  

  • Fixed a bug where mc_ComposeAgent calls a deprecated function.
  • Fixed the mc_compose_agent_example demo.

MobileC v2.0.3 Released 2010-09-16  

  • Fixed configuration files to allow Mobile-C to build on machines that do not have Bluetooth support.

MobileC v2.0.2 Released 2010-08-31  

  • Added experimental Bluetooth support for Mobile-C agencies.

MobileC v2.0.1 Released 2010-08-06  

  • Fixed bug in function MC_SendAgent() where the agents would not be sent to the correct destination.
  • Updated some demos and documentation to use MC_SendAgent*() instead of MC_SendAgentMigrationMessage*(), which is now deprecated.

MobileC v2.0.0 Released 2010-06-22  

  • Major changes to the organization and presentation of the User's guide
  • Added new API function to append tasks onto existing agents, called MC_AgentAddTask()
  • Deprecated the MC_SendAgentMigrationMessage*() functions. All demos have been changed to use MC_SendAgentFile() instead.
  • Reorganized the "demos" directory, and modified the entire project to use Windows Makefiles instead of "vcproj" files.
  • Numerous fixed bugs and memory leaks.

MobileC v1.10.12 Released 2010-05-17  

  • Added a new command to the Mobile-C command line called "compose_send". The new command composes a function out of a C file and sends it to a Mobile-C agency.
  • Fixed a memory error regarding the storage of the local hostname. This would sometimes cause instability or crashes when using functions such as the 'compose_send' command from the Mobile-C command line.
  • Fixed memory read error in Mobile-C command line.

MobileC v1.10.11 Released 2010-05-12  

  • Changed order of function arguments for secure ComposeAgent functions
  • Added demo and documentation for MC_AddStationaryAgent() for treating binary space functions as Agents with full access to the Mobile-C agent api
  • Fixed bugs regarding intepreter initializations and the api function MC_GetAllAgents

MobileC User's Guide Updated 2010-03-29  

  • The Mobile-C User's guide has been updated to reflect changes in version 1.10.10. The new documentation has also been updated with more information regarding setting up custom build environments for building Mobile-C.

MobileC v1.10.10 Released 2010-03-16  

  • Renamed the 'ComposeAgent' family of functions to 'ComposeAgentS'. Reverted the API functions argument list to old form, without workgroup codes. This was done to preserve backward compatability with Mobile-C versions 1.10.8 and prior.

MobileC v1.10.9 Released 2010-01-07  

  • Improved performance of the Mobile-C Networking code. Agent migrations now occur at an improved rate.
  • Improved performance of running a large number of agents at a time.
  • Added conceptual agent "workgroups" where each agent may store a secret "workgroup code". Only agents that share a certain workgroup code may perform certain operations on each other, such as agent deletion and data retrieval. This prevents random, malicious agents from interacting with workgroup-enabled agents in a bad way.
  • Mobile-C now pre-initialized a number of interpreters for increased performance. Number of preloaded interpreters may be adjusted in the Mobile-C Options structure passed into MC_Initialize().
  • Numerous bugfixes.

MobileC v1.10.8 Released 2009-4-29  

  • Added new Security Module written by Najmus Malik. Use the "--enable-security=yes" option during the configure step to enable the security module. See the demos in demos/hello_world_secure and demos/multi_task_example_secure , as well as Chapter 9 in the User's guide.
  • Added MC_MigrateAgent() and mc_MigrateAgent(). These functions allow an agent to dynamically choose where and when it wants to migrate from within the agent code space.
  • Fixed bug where if an agent has multiple tasks on the same host (in succession), the agent will be renamed due to a spurious name collision.

MobileC v1.10.7 Released 2009-1-9  

  • Changed the way agent migration message files are parsed and sent. Before, the files were not parsed at all before being sent. Now, agent xml files are fully parsed before being sent. This means that the syntax checking for the agent xml files will be more strict. Some agent xml files in the demos have been updated to reflect this.
  • Added more documentation regarding persistent agents and the Ch Mobile-C Package, which is required for agent FIPA ACL communication.

MobileC v1.10.6 Released 2008-12-12  

  • Changed the way agent migration message files are sent. The XML files are now fully parsed into agents before being sent.
  • Fixed a number of memory leaks.

MobileC v1.10.5 Released 2008-11-12  

  • Fixed MC_RetrieveAgent() : The function no longer returns a shallow copy of the retrieved agent, but a pointer to the actual agent.
  • Added a new demo example at "demos/multi_data_retrieval"

MobileC v1.10.4 Released 2008-10-24  

  • Added function MC_CallAgentFunc which takes a variable number of arguments.

MobileC v1.10.3 Released 2008-07-31  

  • Added documentation about Mobile-C and 64 bit architecture machines.
  • Added example for MC_ComposeAgent API function at demos/mc_compose_agent_example/

MobileC v1.10.2 Released 2008-07-11  

  • Fixed a bug regarding large agents and http/tcp protocol causing EOF errors, particularly on Gumstix systems.
  • Added FIPA enumerations to libmc.h so that they may be accessed by including only libmc.h.
  • Updated documentation to reflect previous change.
  • Upgraded included xyssl package from version 0.7 to 0.9. This fixes a Mac compile-time error regarding xyssl.

MobileC v1.10.1 Released 2008-07-01  

  • Mobile-C now communicates successfully with JADE agencies. See the demo located at demos/mc_to_jade_example/ .
  • Bugfixes regarding FIPA message format and compatibility with JADE
  • Other minor bugfixes

MobileC v1.10.0 Released 2008-06-16  

!! Note: v1.10.0 agents are NOT backwards compatible with previous versions of Mobile-C. See note below for details.
  • Added API to implement FIPA compliant ACL communication. New functions include:
    • MC_AclDestroy()
    • MC_AclNew()
    • MC_AclPost()
    • MC_AclReply()
    • MC_AclRetrieve()
    • MC_AclSend()
    • MC_AclWaitRetrieve()
    • MC_AclSetPerformative()
    • MC_AclSetSender()
    • MC_AclAddReceiver()
    • MC_AclAddReplyTo()
    • MC_AclSetContent()
  • Added API function to load agents directly from an xml file into a local agency: MC_LoadAgentFromFile()
  • Modified Agent XML format. Please consult the user's guide for specific details. The new agents will not be backward compatible with older agencies.
  • Added ability for agents to carry persistent data with them from task to task. See details in API functions mc_AgentVariableRetrieve() and mc_AgentVariableSave().
  • Preliminary .NET Binding implemented by Doug Stark .
  • Preliminary testing with Mobilec-C <-> JADE communication using HTTP protocol.

MobileC v1.9.5 Released 2008-04-25  

  • Removed command prompt from many demo client programs.
  • Added support for parsing and handling FIPA compliant ACL messages.
  • Added numerous API function calls to handle the processing of ACL messages, such as MC_AclSend, MC_AclRetrieve, MC_AclReply, etc.
  • Documentation and general polishing of the library, moving towards 2.0.0 release.

MobileC v1.9.4 Released 2008-01-07  

  • Added many functions that were available in Binary space to agent space as well. Some example include:
    • mc_GetAgentID(),
    • mc_GetAgentName(),
    • mc_End(),
    • mc_HaltAgency(),
    • mc_ResumeAgency(), among others.
  • Added missing documentation for some agent-space functions.

MobileC v1.9.2 Released 2007-09-20  

  • Some major updates to the documentation.
  • Added function MC_CopyAgent() to deep-copy agents.
  • Fixed a few bugs with MC_WaitRetrieveAgent and MC_WaitSignal().

MobileC v1.9.1 Released 2007-08-12  

  • Updated Windows version. Rudimentary testing of all demos in Windows is a success.
  • Ran everything through a memory leak checker again. Some memory leaks and errors fixed.
  • Created two seperate Windows project directories for VCNET 2003 and VCNET 2005.
  • Added new agent feature: Agents may now contain seperate blocks of code a la version 1.0. See agents in 'demos/multi_task_example' for an example.

MobileC v1.9.0 Released 2007-08-30  

  • Reorganized and rewrote 90% of old code.
    • Renamed nearly all of the old data structures and functions.
    • Code now more closely adheres to unified style guide. (mostly)
    • Files are more clearly named and organized.
    • Rewrote XML parser
    • Reorganized agent XML format
    • Extensive use of C macros for declaring/defining multiple queue objects. This is good and bad: Makes the code a little weirder to read, but saves a lot of debugging trouble, as only the macros need to be modified if there is any bug with the queues.
  • Added simple symmetric encryption option for added security.
  • Added MobileC Barriers: Execution based on MPI Barriers. See demos/agent_squad_test
  • Numerous bugfixes.

MobileC v1.8.1 Released 2007-03-25  

  • Added MobileC condition variable api functions:
    • MC_CondDelete
    • MC_CondInit
    • MC_CondSignal
    • MC_CondWait, as well as their agent-space counterparts.
  • Added agent API. All agent api functions start with 'mc_FuncName', opposed to the library api which start with 'MC_FuncName'. Agent api functions added are:
    • mc_FindAgentByName
    • mc_TerminateAgent
    • mc_GetAgentStatus
    • mc_PrintAgentCode
    • mc_RetrieveAgentCode
    • mc_SetAgentStatus
    • mc_SendACLMessageFile
    • mc_SendACLMessage
  • Added C API functions
    • MC_WaitSignal
    • MC_End
  • Combined functions MC_Start and MC_HandleInit into one function: MC_Initialize

MobileC v1.8.0 Released 2007-02-05  

  • The standalone build option is now deprecated. The functionality the standalone Mobile-C program is now entirely emulated by the mc_sample_app application, located in demos/libmc/mc_sample_app/. By enabling the command prompt thread (CP_THREAD), mc_sample_app execution becomes identical to the old standalone MobileC app.
  • Agents may now specify their own initial execution status with the 'status' attribute in the node.
  • All configure scripts now use GNU Autotools and libtool.
  • Removed standalone compile option. 'demos/libmc/mc_sample_app' offers identical functionality using the MobileC library, libmc.
  • Changed naming conventions of MobileC API functions: i.e. mc_handle_init() is now MC_HandleInit() .
  • Added CDATA section in XML Agent files to hold source code.
  • Added agent persistence
  • Added agent-agency communication and preliminary agent api

MobileC v1.7.0 Released 2006-11-06  

  • Windows version has been updated. Numerous bugfixes
  • Abstraction of mutex code and other OS dependant code into macros, LOCK_MUTEX(), UNLOCK_MUTEX(), etc. See src/includes/global.h

MobileC v1.6.0 Released 2006-08-31  

  • MobileC C APIs are added and tested on Linux machines
  • Inside function AgentRunChScriptThread() in file src/mob_agent.c, result = (double *)Ch_SymbolAddrByName() has been changed to result = *(double **)Ch_SymbolAddrByName() in order to access a global array declared in a Ch script. A Ch script indicates a mobile agent code.
  • Inside function MessgQueueInitialize() in file src/messg_queue.c, the wrong memory allocation for the mutex variable has been corrected, i.e. mqueue->messg_mutex = (pthread_mutex_t *)malloc(sizeof(pthread_t)); has been changed to mqueue->messg_mutex = (pthread_mutex_t *)malloc(sizeof(pthread_mutex_t));
  • A new thread, startAMSCreateAgentThread() in file src/ap_ams.c, has been added to parse through the message list and create new agents for the system.

MobileC v1.5.1 Released 2006-05-11  

  • Ported to run in Sun Solaris

MobileC v1.5.0 Released 2006-05-04  

  • ported to run in Windows Find the windows executable inside the src/bin/ directory. Find the windows Visual .NET project file at src/MobileC_v1.5_win32/MobileC_v1.5_win32.sln

MobileC v1.1.0 Released 2006-03-09  

  • ported to run in FreeBSD
  • Default src/Makefile now works in both FreeBSD and Linux.
  • Notes:
    • Compile from within a Ch shell for best results. Otherwise, please set the environment variable CHHOME to point to the ch directory. (usually /usr/ch or /usr/local/ch).
    • The pkg-config utility must be installed in order for the Makefile to work.

MobileC v1.0.0 Released 2006-02-15  

  • the original release for running in Linux and Mac OS X