A Multi-Agent Platform for Mobile C/C++ Agents
Mobile-C is a mobile agent platform, implemented as a library. Thererfore, Mobile-C can be easily integrated into applications to handle mobile agents as shown in the figure below.

To support the portable and secure execution of mobile agents written in C/C++ scripts, Mobile-C embedded a C/C++ interpreter Ch as agent execution engine for mobile agents in C/C++. Ch is a superset of C for cross-platform scripting. It supports all features in the ISO 1990 C standard and most new features added in the ISO C99, such as complex numbers, variable-length array (VLA), binary constants, and IEEE 754 floating-point arithmetic. Ch also supports classes, objects, and encapsulation in C++ for object-based programming.

Mobile-C is fully compliant with the IEEE FIPA standards both at agent-level and platform-level. At the agent-level, the conformance includes agent communication language (ACL), message exchange interaction protocols, communicative acts, and content language representations. At the platform-level, Mobile-C provides agent management system to manage the life cycle of the agents, agent communication channel to allow agent communication over the network, and directory facilitator to serve as yellow page services.